100 Positive Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

Woman reciting positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations are simple and usually short statements declaring specific goals, desires or wishes. Although they sound like simple messages, repeated over and over they can have profound effects on the conscious and unconscious mind.

First, they will change your thinking and then your reality. A positive affirmation has the ability to program your mind into believing the statement as the mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real or what is fantasy. Just doing a brief search online you’ll discover that many people swear by the power of affirmations to create positive changes in everything from relationships, love, finances, weight loss, careers, money, confidence, and anxiety.

Neuroscience has in fact proven that our thoughts can actually change the structure and functioning of our brains. By regularly practicing positive thinking, it is possible to alter brain plasticity and neural plasticity (also known as Neuroplasticity) in the specific area of the brain that processes thought.

When first practicing positive affirmations, try picking one or two to focus on for several weeks. Repeat the affirmation in a confident voice several times throughout the day and before sleeping. You can add even more power to the affirmation by writing it down as you speak it.

Using daily positive affirmations is a proven method of self-improvement and an effective way to change our thought patterns. And therefore a valuable technique to move us towards achieving our goals and desires.

Below you’ll find a list of 100 of the most powerful affirmations that can change your life. You can use any of these positive affirmations singularly or create your own personal combination based on your wishes and desires. Good luck!

  1. When my need is strong enough, I will find a way.
  2. I’m allowed to take up space.
  3. I feel the love of those who are not physically around me.
  4. My past is not a reflection of my future.
  5. I am not afraid to be wrong.
  6. I am smart enough to make my own decisions.
  7. My goals are my focus.
  8. I’m in control of how I react to others.
  9. I am committed to becoming the person I will become.
  10. I choose peace.
  11. Happiness is within my grasp.
  12. I’m courageous and stand up for myself.
  13. Success is in my future.
  14. I will succeed today.
  15. The success of others will not make me jealous. My time will come.
  16. I deserve to have joy in my life.
  17. My focus on success is unwavering.
  18. I’m worthy of love.
  19. I am confident in the presence of others.
  20. I approve of myself and love myself deeply.
  21. I have a plan of action to achieve my desires.
  22. My body is healthy, and I’m grateful.
  23. I will master distractions and keep my focus on my goals.
  24. I’m more at ease every day.
  25. Self-love is a natural state of being.
  26. Success will be my driving force.
  27. I’m calm, happy, and content.
  28. The only person who can defeat me is myself.
  29. My life is a gift and I appreciate everything I have.
  30. My every desire is achievable.
  31. I’ll surround myself with positive people who will help bring out the best in me.
  32. My opinion matters.
  33. I don’t need someone else to feel happiness.
  34. I am a magnet for love.
  35. I’m allowed to take the time to heal.
  36. I dare to be different.
  37. My imperfections make me unique.
  38. I set clear goals and work to complete them every day.
  39. I’m allowed to make mistakes; they don’t make up my whole story.
  40. Even outside my comfort zone, I will be comfortable in my own skin.
  41. I choose not to criticize myself or others around me.
  42. If I fail, I will fail forward.
  43. My potential to succeed is limitless.
  44. Difficult times are part of my journey and allow me to appreciate the good.
  45. I will accept nothing but the best.
  46. I forgive those who have hurt me.
  47. I am constantly improving.
  48. I’m in charge of my life and no one will dictate my path besides me.
  49. Where others see challenge, I see new opportunities.
  50. I’m doing my best and that is enough.
  51. Time is my friend. I finish all the tasks I need to finish.
  52. I have the power to create change.
  53. I am not dependent on anyone else.
  54. I know exactly what to do to achieve success.
  55. I take responsibility for my successes and my failures.
  56. I choose to be proud of myself and the things I choose to do.
  57. My life is made for joy. I will live with exuberance.
  58. I will not compare myself to strangers on the Internet.
  59. My goals are getting closer to completion every day.
  60. I am enough.
  61. I do not need other people for happiness.
  62. I let go of all that no longer serves me.
  63. My goals are simple and uncomplicated.
  64. I love myself fully, including the way I look.
  65. I follow my dreams with vigor.
  66. My life becomes richer as I get older.
  67. I am loved and I am wanted.
  68. I can absolutely do anything I put my mind to.
  69. The more I give, the more I will receive.
  70. My confidence knows no limits.
  71. I’m worthy of respect and acceptance.
  72. I choose hope over fear.
  73. My contributions to the world are valuable.
  74. My needs and wants are important.
  75. I am calm, patient and in control of my emotions.
  76. I enjoy being surrounded by others.
  77. I make a significant difference to the lives of people around me.
  78. I will stop apologizing for being myself.
  79. I am blessed with an amazing family and friends.
  80. My fear diminishes as I live my life with courage.
  81. I attract money easily into my life.
  82. I will not take other peoples negativity personally.
  83. My life is full of amazing opportunities that are ready for me to step into.
  84. I am a diamond. It is time for me to shine.
  85. I’m free to create the life I desire.
  86. I can go with the flow.
  87. I’m open to new adventures in my life.
  88. I am happy, healthy and centered.
  89. I’m bold, beautiful, and brilliant.
  90. Positivity is a choice that I choose to make.
  91. My body shape is perfect in the way it’s intended to be.
  92. My commitment to myself is real.
  93. When I allow my light to shine, I unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
  94. Change provides me opportunity.
  95. I am grateful for the things I have.
  96. No amount of guilt can change the past, and no amount of worrying can change the future.
  97. I do not bow to my fears.
  98. To make small steps toward big goals is progress.
  99. My mind, body and soul are are fit and strong.
  100. Negative thoughts only have the power I allow them.

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