9 Reasons To Stay Away From Negative People

We all experience bad days and can be negative from time to time. But for some people, negativity is their way of life. Studies have acknowledged the undesirable effects spending time with negative people can have on our motivation, happiness, and wellbeing.

Basically, spending time with those that live in a world of negativity can really suck the joy out of life. They seethe with pessimism, and consistently talk badly of people, places they’ve visited or seen on the news, or anybody who is trying to better themselves.

Interacting with negative people will leave you feeling cynical, in a bad mood and drained of energy. We never come away feeling motivated and happy. That is why it is important to remove toxic people from your life. Still not convinced? Here are 9 compelling reasons to stay away from negative people.

1. Life is just too short

Time is valuable, possibly the most precious thing in life. I want to live a happy, fun and meaningful life and spend time with exceptional, quality people that can help fulfill and empower me. I do not want to waste time being with negative, grumpy people that drag me down.

2. Your personal development will stagnate

Negative people live within their comfort zone. They won’t risk doing anything new or life-affirming as they are sure it won’t go well. As a result, they will discourage you from doing the same. Negative people will halt your personal growth, blocking any chance of self-improvement. If you want to grow as a person, it is imperative to associate with positive people who also wish to become better people.

3. Negative people can affect your attitude

Just being in the presence of continual negativity can trigger the same emotional response in yourself. If you spend enough time with a person in a bad mood, you’ll end up with the same feelings.

4. Negative feedback affects your thinking

Spending a lot of time with negative people can impact your thinking. You’ll soon find your positive thoughts are becoming negative thoughts.

5. They’re never satisfied

Nothing you do for a negative person will ever be good enough. Any efforts to help them will be trashed or ridiculed. They can’t see the positive attributes of anything as they live in a world of negativity and pessimism.

6. Negative people love bad news

There’s a saying that misery loves company and this especially true for negative people. They love drama. They love relishing in their own misfortune. Anything that’s bad in their life, they’ll want to tell you all the gory details. It doesn’t even need to affect them personally. They are just as happy to tell you about something terrible happening to someone they saw on TV.

7. They drain your energy

Have you noticed that being in the company of positive, inspirational people can raise your energy levels and leave you feeling upbeat and refreshed? Negative people do the opposite. They suck the motivation, positivity, and energy right out of your life. Spend a few hours with a negative person and afterward, you’ll feel exhausted and probably a little depressed.

8. They damage your credibility

It is well known that a person is judged by the people they choose to associate with. If you spend time with negative people, you’ll appear to onlookers as the same. You may discover that friends, co-workers and family want to be around you less.

9. They won’t provide encouragement

Thought of a new business idea or thinking of a career change? Don’t mention it to a negative person as they are the masters of discouragement. Instead of receiving the encouragement and support you need, you’ll receive the opposite. They’ll inform you of all the reasons why it is a bad idea, point out everything that can go wrong, and kill any enthusiasm you may have had.

Final Thoughts

By choosing to distance yourself from negativity, you create space for growth and happiness and greatly improve your well-being and outlook on life. Choose to spend your time with people who uplift and inspire you, and watch how your life changes for the better.

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