10 Gentle Ways To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Man happy to have finally stepped out of his comfort zone

Most people spend most of their lives inside their comfort zone and this is natural and unsurprising. While inside you experience low levels of anxiety, have reduced stress, your life feels familiar, you feel happy, and most of all you feel safe.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with spending time there, it is important to be able to relax and be ourselves. But many people get too comfortable and let new and exciting opportunities pass them by, stop challenging themselves, miss out on new experiences, limit their personal growth and give up on chasing and achieving their dreams.

As you’re reading this article you know you need to step out of your comfort zone. You also know that overcoming your fear of the unknown is needed to get you to where you want to be in life.

But where do you start? The trick is to start changing the small things that you do every day. Even by taking small gentle steps you are probably going to feel uncomfortable, awkward and a little scared. But pushing through your fear and expanding your comfort zone is essential for your personal growth.

To start out, here are a few simple and very gentle ways to get yourself moving out of your comfort zone. And remember… the risks of stepping out of your comfort zone aren’t nearly as bad as the risks of staying in it for your whole life. Also, please check out my list of the 50 best comfort zone quotes for more inspiration.

1. Fill your car with fuel at different service stations

Do you tend to tank up at the same service station? I know I did! I used to always visit the same station as I knew the system and it was usually quiet. I also hated having other drivers watching and waiting for me to finish! The next time you need fuel try visiting an unknown service station.

2. Order something different at a restaurant

Do you tend to always choose the same dish or food type when eating at a restaurant? Maybe you always pick a salmon dish or a pasta meal? Try choosing something that you’d never normally eat.

3. Watch something different on TV

Do you only watch TV shows? Choose a film. Prefer action movies? Choose a romantic comedy or a documentary. If you’re feeling particularly brave, try a program in a foreign language with sub-titles!

4. Change your look

Most people tend to wear the same style or colour of clothing. For example, some people wear dull neutral colours to avoid attracting attention as they suffer from low self-confidence. Try wearing a different style, wearing brighter colours, and getting a new haircut. Changing your look is a great way to step out of your comfort zone.

5. Sit somewhere new

Do you always sit in the same chair when watching TV or reading a book? Maybe you tend to pick a table at the back of a restaurant? Try sitting in a different chair at home or choose the table in the front of the restaurant.

6. Try a no-tech day

Yes, going a day without using a smartphone, tablet or the internet is a scary thought! But taking a digital detox is a great way to take you out of your social media/news addicted comfort zone.

7. Go out alone

Do you always go to the cinema with a friend? Maybe you only visit a restaurant with your other half? Obviously, you need to be sensible and not put yourself in a dangerous position, but try seeing a film at the cinema on your own and perhaps treat yourself to a meal afterwards.

8. Get rid of your old stuff

Do you hoard things just in case you might need them one day? For many people letting go of possessions can be scary and difficult. A great way to take a step outside your comfort zone is to start throwing out or donating your old stuff. Be brave and give it a go!

9. Start a conversation with a stranger

Another great way to step out of your comfort zone… if you find yourself sitting next to someone at a bar or standing in line for a bus, start a conversation with the person next to you. It can be nerve-wracking at first, but the more you try it, the easier it will become. And you never know, the stranger standing next to you may become a new friend.

10. Read a book in an alien genre

No, I don’t mean start reading about aliens! People tend to choose a new book in a familiar or favourite genre. Next time you are looking for a new book, try picking a genre you’ve never read before.

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