Feeling Bored? 7 Ways To Make Your Life Exciting Again

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Feeling bored? Has your life become dull, monotonous uninteresting and well… generally boring? Do you feel like you are living in the movie Groundhog Day? Well, you are in luck as this article features 7 ways to help you brighten up your day and get the most out of life. Try one of these tips or even better try all of them, and you will instantly start feeling like life is worth living again.

1/ Your life is what you make it. Each choice you make every day has the power to lead you to more of the same mundane lifestyle or to a new horizon of exciting freshness. Stop and notice each time you make a choice – look at the little things, the detail, which clothes you put on in the morning, what you drink and eat, how you travel, who you mix with – and mix things up! Why not go to a new place to socialise, make new friends, take a course in a new and exciting interest? Make the choices that will lead you out of your comfort zone, away from boredom, to a richer, more diverse existence.

2/ Even the smallest things can brighten up your day. Just looking out of your window and looking for something different, something you wouldn’t normally notice, like the way the shadows play on the ground, the smell of coffee, the shapes of the clouds, birds flying overhead, a wild flower growing in a forgotten corner…. It’s the way we look at things in life that counts, not necessarily the big exciting events such as vacations and parties.

3/ Don’t blame other people. You are responsible for your life and the choices you make so don’t blame others. In most instances you will simply be making excuses for taking a safe path and not going outside your comfort zone.

4/ Decide to do one new small thing each day. Don’t pressure yourself, there’s no time limit, just do one small thing each day that’s different from your usual routine. You’ll gradually expand your horizons and feel the freshness pouring into your life without taking giant scary steps. You’ll also gradually learn what you love and where you want to be.

5/ Rediscover what excites you. Remember when you were a kid and you had all those hobbies? Or a teenager when you loved music or sport? Revisit these passions – it won’t be the same but it will be exciting to see how you feel and connect with these interests as an adult.

6/ Reconnect with old friends. Track down and foster links with people you’ve lost touch with. You can talk about old times but also find enjoyment from hearing how their lives have gone, their triumphs and challenges, while sharing yours and building a new friendship from an old one. They say it takes a long time to make an old friend so why not find some you already have but simply haven’t seen for a while?

7/ Fill your life with genuine purpose. Small acts of kindness each day can give everyone a feel-good factor. Just smiling at a stranger, holding a door open, letting a car go ahead of you in the traffic or buying someone a cup of coffee can give you a lift and a sense of purpose. Altruism has been scientifically proven to be a natural anti-depressant!

Boredom is not created by a mundane life, it is simply perceived by a stagnant mind. This really is easily remedied with a few changes in routine and a shift in perception. Fear can hold us back from taking action but small steps are easy and these will lead naturally to big changes in your outlook and your future. So why not start right now?

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