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I’m currently writing several books on goal setting, productivity, time management, and habit development. On this page, you’ll find the books that are currently available to purchase.

How To Say No - Seff Bray

How To Say No

Introducing “How To Say No,” the latest book from Seff Bray that empowers you to take control of your time and your life. In today’s world, saying no can be challenging, but this book teaches you how to do it with confidence and without guilt. You’ll learn about the fear of saying no, the cost of saying yes too often, and the positive impact of setting boundaries. You’ll learn about the psychological aspects behind the difficulty of refusal and how asserting yourself can lead to a more fulfilling life.

But this book isn’t just theory. It’s a practical guide with 25 actionable strategies for saying no in various real-life scenarios. From polite refusals to firm no’s, these strategies are designed to help you navigate complex situations at work, at home, and in your social life. Each strategy is illustrated with real-life scenarios, making it easy for you to relate to and apply in your day-to-day life.

“How To Say No” is more than just a book; it’s a tool to help you stand up for yourself, reclaim your time, and live life on your terms. Whether you’re overwhelmed by commitments or struggling to assert yourself, this book is the key to unlocking a more balanced, stress-free life. Say yes to “How To Say No,” and start your journey toward assertive living today.

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How I Got A Million Followers On Twitter

How I Got A Million Followers On Twitter

Do you want more X (Twitter) followers? Of course you do, you can never have enough followers! This book can help you massively increase your followers by showing you the exact methods I used to gain over a million followers on my SEFFSAID Twitter account.

UPDATE – I now have over 1.9M followers!

Yes, you read that correctly, I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what I did to achieve this milestone. As you are probably aware, there are a lot of methods and strategies touted as THE way to build a following, and most do not work. Well, I have tried them all and found the methods that DO work.

I can tell you the EXACT METHODS I used to build my account. They worked for me and I believe that if you implement the same methods that I did, they will work for you too. Whether you’re struggling to grow, or are starting an account from scratch, you can implement the same methods I did to start building a HUGE following today.

Price: $8.99 – Delivery Type: PDF – Size: 1.19 MB – Length: 62 pages

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