Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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50 Things That You Need To Start Doing For Yourself

I think it’s fair to say that most of us fail to put our own needs first. Most people spend their day looking after their families, their careers, friends and very often strangers, leaving very little time for themselve.

Admittedly, putting yourself is not always possible or even preferable, but placing your wellbeing or desires way down or even last on your list of priorities will never allow you to enjoy a fulfilling life.

Well luckily it’s never too late to make positive changes to your life. If you really want to start making yourself a priority, here are 50 things that you really need to start doing for yourself today.

1/ Start making your own happiness a top priority.

2/ Stop giving your energy and time to people that don’t respect you.

3/ Start breathing properly.

4/ Let go of all things that no longer serve you.

5/ Start living in the present.

6/ Forgive yourself for your past mistakes.

7/ Stop judging others and accept them as they are.

8/ Expect only the best from life.

9/ Start loving yourself

10/ Stop competing with others.

11/ Start simplifying your life by removing unnecessary conflict.

12/ Focus on solutions rather than problems.

13/ Stop comparing yourself to others.

14/ Forgive all those people who have hurt you in the past.

15/ Nurture the relationships you have with others.

16/ Start treating yourself as you want others to treat you.

17/ Develop an attitude of gratitude.

18/ Start spending time only with people that make you feel good.

19/ Stop making excuses for others and for yourself.

20/ Begin making time to do the things you love.

21/ Stop wishing things were different.

22/ Take more breaks.

23/ Listen to your inner voice.

24/ Start trusting your own intuition.

25/ Don’t take on other people’s problems as your own.

26/ Start increasing your comfort zone a little every day.

27/ Be gentle with yourself.

28/ Make time to focus on all the things you have in your life to be grateful for.

29/ Start believing in yourself and your ability to succeed.

30/ Don’t bully or pressure yourself into making decisions.

31/ Stop saying ‘Yes’ when you really mean ‘No’.

32/ Be happy for others.

33/ Make more time for pleasure and enjoyment in your life.

34/ Make a list of your goals and start taking steps towards achieving them every day.

35/ Learn to release control of events you cannot change and relax into the flow of life.

36/ Start standing up for yourself and saying what you really mean.

37/ Stop talking yourself out of all the things that you really want to do.

38/ Take full responsibility for your life, don’t play the victim.

39/ Start noticing the beauty of small, everyday things.

40/ Stop worrying about things that you cannot control.

41/ Speak kindly and lovingly of yourself.

42/ Start making time for doing the things you love.

43/ Start celebrating all your victories, however small.

44/ End toxic relationships.

45/ Create a vision for your life.

46/ Start being honest with yourself about how you truly feel.

47/ Go after your dreams.

48/ Smile more.

49/ Slow down.

50/ Start living the life you want today.


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