Declutter Your Home – 70 Things You Won’t Miss at All

Looking to declutter your home but don’t know where to start? This decluttering list is for you! It will help ease you into your new clutter-free lifestyle by giving you 70 decluttering ideas you can start implementing immediately. So find yourself some trash bags or boxes and start moving towards a more minimalist lifestyle.

1. Clothes that you never wear.
2. Clothes that are stained, damaged or frayed.
3. Clothes are not flattering.
4. Old worn-out clothes.
5. Clothes hangers you never use.
6. Socks without their other half.
7. Shoes you don’t wear anymore.
8. Worn out footwear.
9. Uncomfortable shoes.
10. Toiletries you never use.
11. Hair products you never use.
12. Expired medicines.
13. Expired suntan lotion.
14. Old chargers for electronic equipment.
15. Old phones.
16. Old phone cases.
17. Old furniture cushions
18. Old remote controls.
19. Old computers
20. Old computer accessories – external HD’s, USB sticks, etc.
21. Books you will never read again.
22. Books you never get around to reading.
23. Recipe books you never use.
24. DVD’s you don’t watch anymore.
25. CDs. You can stream everything.
26. Old computer games.
27. Old video games.
28. Duplicate or bad photos.
29. Broken Christmas ornaments.
30. Christmas decorations you never use.
31. Old keys which you have no idea what they unlock!
32. Owner manuals. You can probably access all your owner manuals online. Check first, and if they are online, throw out the paper version.
33. Old make up.
34. Unused kitchen appliances.

35. Plastic containers without their lids.
36. Any expired dry food.
37. Expired spices.
38. Chipped plates, mugs, and dishes.
39. Excess mugs and cups. How many do you really need?
40. Rusty or disfigured cutlery.
41. Rusty saucepans and frying pans.
42. Placemats you don’t use.
43. Coasters you don’t use.
44. Fridge magnets.
45. Empty bottles.
46. Puzzles or board games that you’re not going to play again.
47. Broken jewelry.
48. Old towels that never get used.
49. Old pens and pencils. You only need one of each!
50. Old or damaged luggage.
51. Greeting cards that have no sentimental attraction.
52. Takeout menus.
53. Broken kid’s toys.
54. Unused exercise equipment.
55. Candles you never use.
56. Burned down candles.
57. Receipts of items that you are not going to be returning.
58. Old shopping bags.
59. Cleaning supplies you don’t need.
60. The spare screws and Allen keys that came with furniture.
61. Old prescription glasses and sunglasses.
62. Old glasses cases.
63. Spare buttons that came with clothing.
64. Old magazines.
65. Old phone books.
66. Old calendars.
67. Old diaries.
68. Old credit cards that you no longer use.
69. Unused cables and cords that came with appliances.
70. Worn-out rugs.

Whether you try and tackle the whole list in go, or just do a few each day, the trick is to just get started. Good luck!

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