5 Common Life Mistakes To Avoid

Making mistakes is a part of life, even for the smartest of people. We learn mostly through the errors we make each and every day and, if we don’t make mistakes, we’re almost certainly not living life to the fullest. We should never punish ourselves nor feel bad about mistakes, after all ‘to err is human’.. but there are nevertheless some life mistakes that really are better avoided completely.
Although it is said to be difficult to learn from others’ mistakes, it isn’t impossible. In this way, we can save ourselves from at least a few of those painful, embarrassing situations. Here are the five most common life mistakes you can learn from before you even make them.

Life Mistakes To Avoid

1/ Not expressing gratitude.

If someone does you a favor, big or small, always express your gratitude and, if possible, do it straight away. Whether it’s as simple as a heartfelt ‘thank you’, doing a favor in return or giving them a good bottle of wine or a bunch of flowers, don’t let a good turn go without expressing your genuine gratitude.

2/ Breaking promises.

Breaking a promise to a friend or loved one is a mistake that is always best avoided. It’s better not to make a promise where there is any risk of not being able to fulfill it. And once you have uttered the words ‘I promise’, make sure to do everything in your power to keep that promise. It’s a matter of trust and should be treated as such.

3/ Not appreciating the people in your life.

If you’re lucky enough to have friends, family, a partner, or great neighbors then make sure you fully appreciate them. Not everyone is so lucky. It can sometimes be embarrassing to tell someone how much you love or appreciate them. But make sure to either tell them or, at the very least, show them in other ways how glad you are that they’re in your life!

4/ Putting money and work above everything.

It is easy to get distracted by work and chasing money, whether you’re employed or running your own business. Paying the bills is, of course, very important, but so are your loved ones, your friends and your relationships with everyone around you. Make sure to save enough time and energy to maintain and enjoy these vital relationships. Equally important is finding time to enjoy interests and hobbies that give you a well-rounded and interesting life.

5/ Assuming others share your point of view.

It’s all too easy to imprint your point of view on others. The truth is that, while we can guess or try to imagine another’s mindset and experience, we haven’t led the life they have led and cannot really imagine how they see the world or how any given situation may affect them. The best approach is to try to keep a really open mind, to know that everyone is doing the best they can, and to be aware that each of us sees things very differently.

Final Thoughts
Avoiding mistakes completely in life is simply not possible. Making mistakes allows us to lead a varied and fulfilling life whilst learning as much as we can. But avoiding these five common life mistakes will help you to move forward with dignity and without hurting others’ feelings.

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