5 Powerful Ways To Motivate Yourself Starting Today

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We all have big hopes and dreams, life goals, and personal challenges. We’d all love to wake up feeling motivated and ready to attack the day, but life isn’t like that. Sometimes we lack energy or enthusiasm and wonder how we will make it through to bedtime, let alone regaining our motivation and working towards our life dreams. Well that’s when you need a good old-fashioned boost of self-motivation and a good way to get self-motivated is to follow the 5 simple ways listed below.

1. Improve your posture.

A subtle change in your posture can immediately change your outlook on life and give your motivational levels a welcome surge. Try this… stand tall as if there is a wire pulling you gently upward from the top of your head, this will straighten your back. Next, bring your shoulders back and realign your head and neck.

Avoid crossing your arms or legs and make sure to look people directly in the eye (although small breaks from this are important to avoid appearing aggressive) and take up as much body space as you need. You will soon be projecting confidence and energy and your self-motivation will soar.

2. Make a fresh start.

Turning over a new leaf, making resolutions, making a fresh start. These are all things we associate with the New Year but there really is no reason to wait until then. You can make a fresh start anytime by mentally drawing a line in the sand and saying to yourself that you will make big changes to your life from this moment on.

You could also formalise this with a written declaration of your intentions. This can help to crystallise your intentions and focus your attention on the precise changes you want to make.

3. Eat chocolate.

OK let’s be clear, we’re not talking about bingeing or ruining your diet or weight-loss regime! However, a small amount of dark chocolate has been proven to have many health benefits. It acts by releasing dopamine which is known to stimulate motivation and act as a mild anti-depressant.

4. Write a contract with yourself.

Decide on your goals (this works especially well for short-term goals), draft a contract spelling out your responsibilities regarding fulfilling your objectives, and decide on a date when you would hope to have accomplished them. Denote a sum of money that you will forfeit if you fail to keep your side of the contract.

You will donate this amount to charity at the specified date if you haven’t achieved your goals. Print out the contract and pin it on the wall or the fridge to remind you of your intentions and contractual duties. It will be a powerful reminder and motivator to dedicate yourself to your targets every day.

5. Find some greenery.

Studies have found that the colour green increases motivation as well as energy and creativity. So a stroll in the woods or the park is not just relaxing and good for your heart and lungs, it also gives you long-term benefits to your mental health.

If you’re not able to get out in nature as much as you would like, try adding some pot plants to your office or work area. Certain plants such as spider plants and cacti also have the added benefit of absorbing indoor radiation and will improve the internal air quality.

Final Thoughts

These are simple ways to improve your levels of self-motivation gently. Ironically, keeping motivated takes motivation, so these small tips can give you enough of a push to keep going and achieve your goals, day in and day out. Try them and see the results for yourself!

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