56 Self-Care Ideas For A Healthy Mind And Body

What is self-care? Self-care is doing an activity to take care of our physical, emotional or mental health. It’s about giving our mind, body, and spirit what they need to stay healthy and thrive. Simply, it’s taking actions to contribute to the maintenance of our well being. It’s a simple concept, but something most people overlook. Self-care doesn’t have to cost anything, it’s not meant to empty your bank account or add stress to your life.

Here’s a list of self-care ideas you can do daily to look after your well-being. Enjoy!

1/ Start a stretching routine.
2/ Smile throughout the day.
3/ Start doing daily press-ups.
4/ Stand or sit up straighter.
5/ Drink more water.
6/ Listen to a playlist on a music streaming site.
7/ Go to bed early.
8/ Have a lie-in.
9/ Take a daily walk in the countryside.
10/ Take a long hot shower or bath.
11/ Let go of perfectionism.
12/ Meet new people.
13/ Start saying daily affirmations.
14/ Treat yourself to a short nap every afternoon.
15/ Start a daily moisturizing routine.
16/ Learn 4-8-7 breathing.
17/ Watch something funny on tv.
18/ Dance!
19/ Stop apologising.
20/ Have a cup of tea.
21/ Declutter your home.
22/ Reassess your priorities.
23/ Drink less alcohol.
24/ Remove negative people from your life.
25/ Breath deeply for a couple of minutes.
26/ Listen to your favourite album.
27/ Start a jigsaw puzzle.
28/ Do some Pilates.
29/ Do some gardening.
30/ Take up a new hobby.
31/ Define your values.
32/ Buy yourself flowers.
33/ Do something spontaneous.
34/ Watch your favourite film.
35/ Write down your goals.
36/ Visit a museum.
37/ Start yoga.
38/ Give to a charity.
39/ Watch funny Youtube videos.
40/ Start reading a novel.
41/ Accept your flaws.
42/ Try some mindfulness exercises.
43/ Throw out 5 things you don’t use anymore.
44/ Start meditating.
45/ Already meditating? Do more!
46/ Start saying no.
47/ Start eating more fruit.
48/ Start eating more vegetables!
49/ Cut down on sugar.
50/ Cut down on salt.
51/ Get a massage.
52/ Go swimming.
53/Reward yourself.
54/ Learn a musical instrument.
55/ Walk up and down the stairs three times.
56/ Eat some dark chocolate.

The one thing you should not neglect in life is yourself. However busy you are, you should not allow yourself to be so busy that you neglect your physical, emotional or mental health. There’s only one of you and you need to take care of yourself.

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