How I Got A Million Followers

Do You Want More Twitter Followers?

Of course you do – you can never have enough followers!

My book can help you massively increase your followers by showing you the methods I used to gain over a million followers. I’m going to tell you exactly what I did to achieve this milestone. Whether you’re struggling to grow, or are starting an account from scratch, you can implement the same methods I did to grow your account.

A little about me… my name is Seff and I run an ‘Inspirational Quotes’ Twitter account @SeffSaid. As I mentioned, this account has over a million followers and what’s more, I don’t follow anyone back.

@SeffSaid is now one of the largest quote accounts on Twitter which is incredible as I only started the page as an experiment to see if I could grow a large Twitter account!

So why did I start a quotes page? I’ve always enjoyed reading inspirational quotes and was quite impressed by the number of followers some of the accounts had amassed.

Being someone who has always loved a challenge , I thought, I could do that! I could build a quotes site with lots of followers. How difficult could it be? Well, as it turns out, it was pretty difficult. I had no idea how to attract and gain followers and keep them coming back.

So I read a massive amount of information on the different ways to build a following. And as you are probably aware, there are a lot of methods and strategies touted as THE way to build a following, and most do not work.

I knew however that I absolutely did NOT want to use bots, I did NOT want to spam, and I was not interested in follow for follow. I only wanted to use legitimate methods that organically built a following.

Eventually, I felt I had read enough and started implementing the strategies about which I had been reading. My initial target was to see if I could get 10K followers. After a HUGE amount of trial and error, trying different strategies, techniques, and methods, I started to find methods of getting followers that actually worked. And I soon achieved my goal of 10K followers.

So I set my next target at 20K which I thought was pretty unlikely. But the account kept growing. It went past 20K, hit 50K, and then made it to 100K. I was stunned! It was then that I set my sight on a million followers. I figured other people do it, why not me?

Well, I made it to a million and now I’m aiming for 2 million.

My account is still gaining new followers every day and I believe if I keep implementing the techniques I’ve been using since I started the account and detailed in this book, I will achieve 2 million followers.


Well in this book, I tell you exactly the exact methods I used. Some of these methods you may have read about before, or perhaps you use already. I have no secret techniques to tell you known only by large accounts. But I can tell you the methods I used to build my account. They worked for me and I believe that if you implement the same methods that I did, they will work for you too.