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Best Online Numerology Courses & Classes [2022]

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Would you like to understand the nature of the path you are taking in life? Would you like to understand why certain things always happen to you? Would you like to understand why particular obstacles consistently arise in your life? Would you like to understand why you continually attract certain people into your life? You can learn all these things through the study of numerology. Numerology draws meaning from number combinations, letters, and symbols in your life. Interested? Discover the best online numerology courses and classes below.

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Online Numerology Courses

Course 1: Psychic & Intuitive Living by Your Numbers with Numerology

This online numerology course will teach you step-by-step how to create a complete personal Numerology profile like a professional for yourself and others. You’ll learn how to use numerology to help you make effective decisions on love, your career, money, talents, timing, and home. You’ll also learn how to identify environmental vibrations and how to adjust them to direct your life’s path toward your destiny, and much more.

  • Course Instructor: Terri Weston
  • 6.5 Hours On-Demand Video
  • 8 Sections
  • 35 Lectures
  • 6h 23m Total Length
  • 6 Downloadable Resources
  • Full Lifetime Access
  • Access On Mobile & TV
  • Certificate of completion
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Verdict: A comprehensive course on Numerology for all levels of intuitive experience. Highly recommended.

Student Feedback:
– “Great Numerology beginners course! Terri knows her numbers!”
– “Very thorough course. I learned a lot! “
– “Wow!! What an amazingly, comprehensive course!”
– “Very easily explained. Really loved it.”
– “This is an excellent course and full of detailed examples and practical tools.”
– “Excellent course. Easy to understand. Lots of information!”
– “Excellent course. Simple and direct explanations.”


Course 2: Uncovering Your Life Lessons – Numerology Immersion

Excellent online Numerology classes from Donnalynn Civello, a Numerologist, Certified Intuitive Life Coach, columnist for the NY Observer, and author of “Life Lessons, Everything You Ever Wished You Had Learned in Kindergarten.” Donnalynn will teach you how to calculate your personal life lessons and life lessons of others, help you discover your personal core issues, your struggles, and challenges in this lifetime, show you how to discover your personal gifts, talents, and special needs, learn the nature of your romantic relationships, and explore your personal relationship with money and career.

  • Course Instructor: Donnalynn Civello
  • 2 Hour On-Demand Video
  • 6 Sections
  • 15 Lectures
  • 1h 48m Total Length
  • 10 Downloadable Resources
  • Full Lifetime Access
  • Access On Mobile & TV
  • Certificate of completion
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Verdict: Comprehensive Numerology classes from a top-rated and well known instructor. Highly recommended.

Student Feedback:
– “This course was highly informative.”
– “A good course to understand oneself and develop.Thank you.”
– “Amazing course, very spot on and easy to understand!”
– “Highly recommend this course.”


Course 3: Learn from Lloyd: How to Read a Person Like a Book

A beginner numerology course by Lloyd Strayhorn, a world-renowned numerologist. Students of this course will learn the basics of Numerology and how the numbers apply to their lives, as determined from their name and date of birth. You’ll learn the numerical fundamentals of anybody’s name, and how to discover their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Course Instructor: Lloyd Strayhorn
  • 1.5 Hours On-Demand Video
  • 2 Sections
  • 11 Lectures
  • 1h 18m Total Length
  • 13 Downloadable Resources
  • Full Lifetime Access
  • Access On Mobile & TV
  • Certificate of completion
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Verdict: A great numerology beginners course from a respected. Highly recommended

Student Feedback:
– “Very interesting and informative. Amazing course.”
– “I truly enjoyed this course.. Very informative!”
– “Great course for beginners who would like to learn Numerology.”
– “This course was fantastic!”
– “Very informative, easy to follow, and understand.”
– “I love the course, very informative and enlightening.”
– “Great course!”


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