7 Ways to Overcome Low Self-Esteem

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Low self-esteem is seeing yourself as less than others, less worthy, less deserving, less intelligent or less lovable and is a sure way to perpetuate unhappiness. The desire to overcome low self-esteem should be a priority and these 7 simple yet effective tips will help kick-start your journey to a new, happier, more confident you.

1/ Live in the now.
Cultivate the habit of living in the now instead of reflecting on the past and worrying about the future. You can do this by engaging all your senses – stop and listen for sounds such as bird song, smell the air, feel the breeze on your skin, enjoy the colour of the sky. These will all draw you back into the now and help you have a more stable frame-of-mind when making life decisions.

2/ Become more aware.
Development, awareness, especially self-awareness. This will help to truly understand what’s going on around you and allow you to respond to it in a healthy, grounded, appropriate manner. You will allow time for your intellect to respond rather rather raw emotions, thus promoting better self-esteem and happiness.

3/ Write in your diary each day.
This is an excellent way to express your inner thoughts and feelings. You will probably find out things about yourself that you never knew! That’s because daily writing can help express thoughts and feelings that are deep in your sub-conscious mind. By releasing them and learning more about yourself, you will learn what you really need in life to make you happy and overcome low self-esteem.

4/ Try not to be judgemental.
Learning to accept yourself exactly is a wonderful skill to foster in the battle againt low self-esteem.

5/ Take up meditation.
Meditation can give you the skill to quiet your racing mind and control it, thereby enabling you to choose positive thoughts rather than negative thought patterns.

6/ Practise non-attachment.
Forget everything you should do, ‘should’ be, should know, should be good at, who you should be – in fact banish the word ‘should’ completely! Practising non-attachment by letting go of all these preconceptions will free you

7/ Be kind to yourself.
Treat yourself the way you would treat your best friend, be kind and caring, forgiving and gentle. We are often good to our family and friends but forget to extend that hand of kind friendship to ourselves! Love yourself, accept yourself, each and every day, and feel your happiness and self-esteem soar.

In conclusion, it’s really not as difficult as you’d imagine to overcome low self-esteem and increase your satisfaction and happiness in life. The key is starting new habits, sticking with them and committing to thinking in new ways. If you are consistent, you should see results in a very short space of time.

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